Use our Suppliers portal

Our active suppliers have a login to access our portal. Access should be done with a personal ID and access code, the portal site allows our suppliers to create accounts for people of their company who need to sign in.

Register with our supplier portal

New suppliers are invited to register their information on this portal. Your Etam Group contact will need to send you an invite via email to register on the portal as a new supplier.

Your supplier profile

Please complete the supplier profile form, providing all requested information. Please be sure to update your information at least once every six months to keep it current, or sooner if any information changes.

Our supplier code of conduct

The Supplier Code of Conduct requires our suppliers to ensure safe working conditions, to treat their employees with respect and dignity, and to establish and maintain environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.

Product specifications

Product Specifications are documents that provides critical defining information about a product ; a list of rules, bans and standards that apply to the item; design specifications and product images that visually illustrate the product and note distinguishing characteristics.


To monitor our suppliers and theirs factories, we need informations about your company and your factories. This list of factories will be available in ISCM to link each order to a manufacturing site.

Technical requirements

To improve your browsing comfort, your workstation should be able to read PDF files, to access to the web, and use a supported Web Browser Google Chrome 38 or higher, Firefox 24 or higher, or Safari.